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An Chomhairle Ealaíon Playography In English


D. Travers Smith


Set Painter

Teideal an Dráma Drámadóir
Ever the Twain Lennox Robinson
Full Measure Kathleen O'Brennan

Costume Designer

Teideal an Dráma Drámadóir
Fighting the Waves William Butler Yeats
In this dance play I have brought together 'The Only Jealousy of Emer' and another Irish story. At the opening Cuchulain is shown fighting the waves in a frenzy of grief for he has killed his son. Then we see him lying in a bed, a seemingly drowned man, attended by his wife Emer and another. He is not dead but entranced. The Goddess Fand who loves him comes seeking to entice him away; she is defeated by the love of Emer and Cuchulain awakes. The play closes with Fand's dance among the waves, the waves of her despair. W.B.Y.


Teideal an Dráma Drámadóir
Men Crowd Me Round Francis Stuart