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An Chomhairle Ealaíon Playography In English


Louis Edmondson



Teideal an Dráma Drámadóir
A Wife, A Dog And A Maple Tree Sue Ashby
Cauterised Neill Speers
Lay Up Your Ends Martin Lynch
Written in collaboration with the company.
Now You're Talkin' Marie Jones (1)
Written in association with the company.
Oul Delf and False Teeth Marie Jones (1)
Written with the company, in association with Pam Brighton and Martin Lynch.
Somewhere Over The Balcony Marie Jones (1)
The Feast Of Lupercal Paddy Scully Michael McKnight Brian Moore (3) Brian Moore (3)
An adaptation of the original novel by Brian Moore.
The Girls In The Big Picture Marie Jones (1)
Devised with the company.
The Hamster Wheel Marie Jones (1)
Under Napoleon's Nose Marie Jones (1)
A programme note for the original production states that this play is based on documentary material which accumulated in stages. Jim McConville wrote his memories of the 1941 Belfast Blitz; these were written up by historian and teacher Jonathan Bardon and Henry Bell into a documentary entertainment for students. In turn, playwright Marie Jones completed 'what began as an ad hoc documentary into a polished and tautly written dramatic piece' for performance by actors.