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Dradin, In Love


  • Drámadóir

    Bob Kelly 

  • Athchóirithe/ Aistrithe ó

    Jeff Vandermeer

  • Suíomh

    Ambergris, a fictional city

  • Achoimre

    Dradin is a young missionary who has returned to the fictional city of Ambergris after a long and disastrous sojourn in the jungles. He finds himself alone, penniless and in the depths of despair, when he falls in love with the silhouette of an unknown woman in a window. Aided by a devious and untrustworthy thief named Dvorak, he attempts to woo the strange woman but it is the night of the Festival of the Freshwater Squid, when the city traditionally erupts in a paroxysm of violence, murder and mayhem and Dradin's search for love leads him into a fight for his life.

  • Cinéal Dráma


    Líon na Míreanna

    Dráma Fada

  • Méid na Fóirne ( Fireann)


  • Méid na Fóirne (Baineann)


  • Eolas Faoin bhFoireann

    Female roles doubled

Céad Léiriú

Foireann An Chéad Léirithe  
Lake Eadaoin O'Donoghue
Dradin Gerard Adlum
Cadimon Signal Ronan Dempsey
Candace Harpswallow Hilary Bowen Walsh
Assistant Librarian Hilary Bowen Walsh
Dvorak Cedric Merillon
Foireann Léirithe  
Stiúrthóir Bob Kelly
Cian Flynn
Dearthóir Soilsithe Rob Moloney
Dearthóir Fuaime Chris Schmidt-Martin
Dearthóir Fuaime Bob Kelly
Bainisteoir Stáitse Rachel Stout

Scripteanna Neamhfhoilsithe

Eolas Faoi Chearta

Foinse Eolais

The information for this entry was taken from the original production programme.