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The Philanderer


  • Drámadóir

    George Bernard (GB) Shaw 

  • Suíomh

    Drawing Room of a flat in Ashley Gardens in the Victoria district of London.

  • Nótaí

    Shaw observed that the play "is a dangerous play with a clever but ignominious lead". (Collected Letters, Vol. 1, pg. 486)

  • Achoimre

    Leonard Chateris is involved with two women at the same time, the jealous Julia Craven and Grace Tranfield, a young widow. He doesn't like this situation as 'he's a man who likes to tell the truth, but doesn't want to hear it'. He resolves to end the affair with Julia, by any means, including marriage for him or her.

  • Cinéal Dráma

    Drámaí Ginearálta

    Líon na Míreanna

    Dráma Fada

  • Méid na Fóirne ( Fireann)


  • Méid na Fóirne (Baineann)


Céad Léiriú

  • Dáta an Chéad Léirithe

    05 February 1907

  • Leiriú

  • Ionad an Chéad Léirithe

    Court Theatre

Foireann An Chéad Léirithe  
Leonard Chateris Ben Webster
Mrs. Grace Tranfield E. Wynne Matthison
Julia Craven Mary Barton
Colonel Daniel Craven, V.C. Eric Lewis
Mr. Joseph Cuthbertson Luigi Lablache
Sylvia Craven Dorothy Minto
Dr. Paramore Hubert Harben
The Club Page Cecil Bruce
Foireann Léirithe  
Stiúrthóir George Bernard (GB) Shaw
Stiúrthóir Harley Granville-Barker

Scripteanna Foilsithe

Eolas Faoi Chearta

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