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Newly Adapted by Micheál Mac Liammoir from the Novel by George du Maurier with Sally Travers


  • Drámadóir

    Micheál Mac Liammóir  Sally Travers 

  • Athchóirithe/ Aistrithe ó

    George Du Maurier

  • Suíomh

    A studio in the Place de St. Anatole des Arts, Paris. A corridor of the Salle des Baschibazoucks, Paris.

  • Nótaí

    A Note on the Costumes: The sense of recent period, of the humour and nostalgia of the dresses and manners of the last generation but one so widely popular today, was not in vogue in the nineties. George du Maurier published "Trilby" in 1895 and in his novel described a phase of Parisian life that had existed in his youth some thirty years previously. According to his dates, Trilby herself should appear in a crinoline and her male contemporaries in the bottle-green frock coats and peg-top trousers of the '50s and '60s. Yet in his famous illustrations we behold his characters arrayed in the unmistakeable fashions of the last decade of the century. In this production I have endeavoured to follow the date of the black and white drawings rather than that of the text of this masterpiece of sentiment and sensation. Micheal Mac Liammoir

  • Achoimre

    Du Maurier's melodrama romantises the bohmemian life of artists. Trilby is a working-class model for a studio in Paris, where she is in love with one of the artists, Little Billee, but cannot marry him, because he's upper class. He becomes famous for his work in London, while she is taken on by Svengali, a musician and hypnotist, who teaches her how to sing beautifully under his spell and she becomes the adored opera singer La Svengali.

  • Cinéal Dráma


    Líon na Míreanna

    Dráma Fada

  • Méid na Fóirne ( Fireann)


  • Méid na Fóirne (Baineann)


  • Eolas Faoin bhFoireann

    Cast Doubling is possible. See Original Production for details.

Céad Léiriú

Foireann An Chéad Léirithe  
Dodo Denis Brennan
Angele Patricia Kennedy (1)
Claire Elaine Shillman
Members of the Audience Elaine Shillman
Fernande Alexis Milne
Members of the Audience Alexis Milne
Mrs. Bagot Betty Clein
First Attendant Thomas Lyons
Members of the Audience Nuala Bigger
Members of the Audience Claudia Ronaldson
Members of the Audience Celia Howlin
Members of the Audience Mollie Hammond
Members of the Audience Dympna Hurll
Members of the Audience Desmond Burne
Members of the Audience Richard Doyle
Members of the Audience Richard Murphy
Members of the Audience Terence Murray
M. Alexandre Vinard Thomas Nolan
Billee Christopher McMaster
Honorine Kay Maher
Members of the Audience Denis Brennan
Trilby Sally Travers
Gecko Liam Gannon
Zouzon James Neylin
Members of the Audience James Neylin
Members of the Audience Tom Nolan
Taffy Nigel Fitzgerald
Members of the Audience Diana Campbell
M. Boissy Robert Lepler
Madame Vinard Ginette Waddell
Svengeli Anew McMaster
Sandy Joseph O'Dea
Second Attendant John Sheridan (1)
Rev. Thomas Bagot Norman Barrs
Marthe Beverlie Hooberman
Members of the Audience Beverlie Hooberman
Members of the Audience Jim Scott
Foireann Léirithe  
Stiúrthóir Hilton Edwards
Dearthóir Seit Joss Farrell
Dearthóir Soilsithe Hilton Edwards
Dearthóir Feistis Micheál Mac Liammóir
Stiúrthóir Ceoil Ernest Broadhurst
Bainisteoir Hamlyn Benson
Tógáil Seit Frank Caffrey (1)
Péintéir Seit Joss Farrell
Péintéir Seit Peter Dunne (2)
Déantóir na bhFeisteas Bridie Caffrey

Eolas Faoi Chearta

  • Críoch

    All Territories

  • Cinéal Cearta

    All Rights

  • Teagmháil

    Michael Travers

  • Seoladh

    Inch, Annascaul
    Tralee, Co Kerry
    Republic of Ireland

  • Guthán

    +353 (0)66 915 8223 | +353 (0)87 947 5256

Foinse Eolais

The information for this entry was taken from the original production programme