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No Surrender

An extravaganza in three acts


  • Drámadóir

    Gerald Macnamara 

  • Achoimre

    Set in Ulster 60 years from the 'present' [1929], this satirical piece takes place in a spiritualist society where all strife has ended. The past survives simply in the person of Thompson, the last-known remaining Orangeman, who is Exhibit No.1 in the hall of the Orange and Hibernian Museum. By the power of modern wireless William III is invited to attend the reformed Twelfth and open a Garden of Rememberance, on condition that Thompson joins the new order of which William approves. Thompson dies, and William indeed visits. He proves not to be to the people's liking, however, while he himself is quite disconcerted both by his findings on his short visit, and by the arrival to Ulster of Thompson's long-lost grandson. Finally, he declares himself weary and asks to be returned to the Purgatorio from whence he says he came.

  • Cinéal Dráma

    Drámaí Ginearálta

    Líon na Míreanna

    Dráma Fada

  • Méid na Fóirne ( Fireann)


  • Méid na Fóirne (Baineann)


  • Eolas Faoin bhFoireann


Céad Léiriú

Foireann An Chéad Léirithe  
Prof. McCrum Richard Hayward
Miss Smyth Elma Ward
The Duchess of Divis Rose McQuillan
Sir Daniel O'Rourke John Field
Miss Thompson Mary Crothers
Wm. Thompson Gerald Macnamara
Andrew Thompson Jack Gavin
Lady Harry Hogan Jean Woods
King William III J.R. Mageean
Sir Thomas Bletherington Kenneth Coffey

Scripteanna Foilsithe

  • Teideal

    The Plays of Gerald MacNamara, Special Edition, Journal of Irish Literature, 17

  • Bliain


  • Foilsithe ag

    Proscenium Press

  • Seoladh

    Newark, Delaware

Eolas Faoi Chearta

Foinse Eolais

Information for this entry has come from the play script featured in Kathleen Danaher's 'The Plays of Gerald MacNamara'; from reviews of the premiere production; and from Margaret McHenry's 'The Ulster Theatre in Ireland'.