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A Play in Three Acts


  • Drámadóir

    Lady Gregory 

  • Suíomh

    Opens in an enchanted forest.

  • Achoimre

    The guardian spirit of the royal family appears to young Brian and offers him immortal love and happiness if he turns his back on his duty to Ireland. He refuses the offer. The first act shows Brian many years later. He is an old man who has spent his life at war, but with the belief that peace will be restored. Queen Gormleith and her husband Malachi then appear. The Queen leaves her husband for Brian, the more powerful king, but then betrays him by vowing to give herself to the Danes. Brian's son is then offered the same promise by the spirit that appeared at the opening. He is told he has one hour to live and yet still heroically refuses the offer. The play ends with Brian and Murrough contemplating their deaths.

  • Cinéal Dráma

    Drámaí Ginearálta

    Líon na Míreanna

    Dráma Fada

  • Méid na Fóirne ( Fireann)


  • Méid na Fóirne (Baineann)


  • Eolas Faoin bhFoireann

    Cast doubling is possible. See original production for details.


Foireann An Chéad Léirithe  
Phelan Udolphus Wright
A Dane Udolphus Wright
Malachy Ambrose Power
Brian of the Tributes Frank Fay
Brennain Arthur Sinclair
Aoibhell Sara Allgood
Derrick W.G. Fay
Murrough G. Roberts
Maire Maire Ní Gharbhaigh
Gormleith Maire Nic Shiubhlaigh
Maemora Seumus O'Sullivan
Sitric P. MacShiubhlaigh
Rury J.H. Dunne
Brodar R Nash
Foireann Léirithe  
Cultacha Robert Gregory
Radharcra Robert Gregory



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The information for this entry was taken from the original production programme and Ireland's Abbey Theatre: A History 1899-1951 by Lennox Robinson, with additional information from press cuttings of the time.